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Optimize your trades with Zerodha Brokerage Calculator. Calculate charges for NSE, BSE & MCX. Compare brokerage for Future, Option, Intraday & Equity.

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What is Zerodha?

Zerodha is a popular India-based brokerage firm(Company) known for its affordable pricing and advanced technology. The company was founded in 2010.

Zerodha's brokerage charges details and other important informations.

Owning Stocks for More Than a Day (Equity Delivery)

Zerodha keeps it easy by charging ₹0 (Zero Brokerage) fees for equity delivery trades. This means no extra charges when you buy and keep stocks for more than one trading day.

Quick Buy and Sell on the Same Day (Equity Intraday)

If you're into quick buying and selling on the same day (Equity Intraday Trades), Zerodha charges a straightforward fee of 0.03% or ₹20 per order, whichever is less. This ensures transparent and affordable pricing for your intraday trading activities.

Dealing with Future Contracts (Equity Futures)

Engaging in Equity Futures Trades with Zerodha is cost-effective, as they charge a flat fee of 0.03% or ₹20 per order, whichever is lower. This applies to trades involving future contracts of stocks.

Trading in Options (Equity Options)

For those exploring the world of Equity Options, Zerodha applies a flat fee of ₹20 per order. This fixed charge is applicable to each executed order in the options market.

In essence, Zerodha simplifies your trading costs

No charges for holding stocks (Equity Delivery). A clear and reasonable fee structure for quick intraday trades, equity futures, and options, making your trading experience straightforward and cost-effective.

Zerodha Brokerage Charges, Taxes & Fees

Charges Name Equity Intraday Equity Delivery Equity Futures Equity Options
Brokerage 0.03% or ₹20/Executed order ₹0 Zero Brokerage 0.03% or ₹20/Executed order Flat ₹20/Order
Exchange Trxn Tax NSE: 0.00325% BSE: 0.00375% NSE: 0.00325% BSE: 0.00375% NSE: 0.0019% BSE: 0 NSE: 0.05% (on premium) BSE: 0.005% (on premium)
Securities Trxn Tax 0.025% on sell order 0.1% on buy & sell order 0.0125% on sell order 0.0625% on sell order (premium)
GST 18% on (Brokerage + SEBI + Transaction charges) 18% on (Brokerage + SEBI + Transaction charges) 18% on (Brokerage + SEBI + Transaction charges) 18% on (Brokerage + SEBI + Transaction charges)
Stamp Charges ₹300 / crore on buy order ₹1500 / crore on buy order ₹200 / crore on buy order ₹300 / crore on buy order
SEBI Charges ₹10 / crore ₹10 / crore ₹10 / crore ₹10 / crore

Note: Please check Zerodha's official website or contact their customer support for the most current and accurate information. The details here might change, and Zerodha's official sources will give you the latest updates.