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Distance 400 Km
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A Mileage Calculator is a very simple tool, which calculates your vehicle's mileage and efficiency of your car. If you are traveling on a long journey then everything should be calculated so car mileage is very important. But before calculating the mileage make you you know all the important parameters like distance you can collect the reading from your vehicle odometer then the consumption of the fuel and the current fuel price.

Here's the formula to calculate mileage based on the distance traveled:

Mileage = Distance Traveled / Fuel Consumed

This formula measures fuel efficiency by comparing distance traveled to fuel used, typically shown as miles per gallon or kilometers per liter.

To calculate the distance traveled using the odometer readings, you can use the following formula:

Distance Traveled = Ending Odometer Reading − Starting Odometer Reading Distance Traveled=Ending Odometer Reading−Starting Odometer Reading

This formula calculates total distance by subtracting the starting odometer reading from the ending reading, showing the journey's overall distance.

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