Lottery tax Calculator

Calculate state taxes on Mega Millions, Powerball, EuroMillions, and more with the Lottery Tax Calculator. Easy and quick for your lottery winnings!

Note: This lottery calculator is specially designed for the USA (United States of America).
A lottery is a game where people choose numbers, and if their numbers match the randomly drawn ones, they win a prize. This is a game of luck. There is no certainty you will win the prize, so its outcome depends on luck. Some people won the prize in a single attempt, and some people did not win anything in multiple attempts.

What is the tax on lottery?

If you are playing any type of lottery like Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, etc., then you are very much familiar with the fact that the federal tax and also state tax government apply taxes on your winning amount. After deducting all the taxes, you receive your earned money.

What is a lottery tax calculator?

A tax calculator is a simple online tool that helps you calculate the applied taxes on your winning money. Remembering all the state-wise taxes can be a bit challenging. so we've set up everything for you. Simply put the winning amount, and our tax calculator will calculate the whole tax and tell you how much you get in your hand.

State-wise applied lottery taxes in the USA:

State Tax Rate
Alabama 0%
Alaska 0%
Arizona 4.8%
Arkansas 7%
California 0%
Colorado 4%
Connecticut 6.99%
Delaware 0%
Florida 0%
Georgia 5.75%
Hawaii 0%
Idaho 7.4%
Illinois 4.95%
Indiana 3.23%
Iowa 5%
Kansas 5%
Kentucky 5%
Louisiana 4.25%
Maine 7.15%
Maryland 8.95%
Massachusetts 5%
Michigan 4.25%
Minnesota 7.25%
Mississippi 5%
Missouri 4%
Montana 6.9%
Nebraska 5%
Nevada 0%
New Hampshire 0%
New Jersey 8%
New Mexico 6%
New York 8.82%
North Carolina 5.25%
North Dakota 2.9%
Ohio 4%
Oklahoma 4%
Oregon 8%
Pennsylvania 3.07%
Rhode Island 5.99%
South Carolina 7%
South Dakota 0%
Tennessee 0%
Texas 0%
Utah 0%
Vermont 6%
Virginia 4%
Washington 0%
Washington DC 8.5%
West Virginia 6.5%
Wisconsin 7.65%
Wyoming 0%

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