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Calculate your age in just a few clicks. Our Age Calculator will provide you with the exact number of your age, including years, months, and days.

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People are also asking?

What is age calculator?

An age calculator is a very simple and useful tool to find the exact years, months, and days of your age. You might need to know your precise age for various situations, such as filling out a job application, exam, or going for an interview. Calculating your exact age is easy but can be time-consuming. In such cases, an online age calculator is very useful. Within seconds, you can determine your age accurately.

How to use Age calculator?

Using the online age calculator is quite easy. On, you can calculate your age in two ways:

First Method: By using the dropdown menus, you can select your date of birth. First, you choose your birth date, then your birth month, and lastly, your birth year. will calculate your age within seconds. Please note that when you select the date of birth, it always shows the result based on the current date.
Second Method: If you want to find out the age between any two specific dates, you have to choose a "from" date and a "to" date. It will then calculate the difference between the two dates and show you the result.