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If you are leaving in INDIA then you are very much falilier with Indian tax system wich is GST. The full form of the GST is Goods and Service Tax. GST is establisted on this indian constitution Amendment Act of 2016. GST combines various types of taxes into a centralized tax system for the entire country, making it easier for businesses to operate uniformly across the nation.

Under the GST, three primary types of taxes exist.

CGST (Central goods and services tax) : The Central GST is imposed by the Central Government.
SGST (State Goods and Services Ta): The State GST is imposed by the State Govorment.
IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax): Integrated GST is imposed on the supply of goods and services between different states.

Type of GST in India

As per the Govorment of india website GST rates for services are categorized into various slabs.

Nil Rate: Some services are exempted from GST or are placed in the nil tax category. These are not taxed under GST.

5% GST: Certain services fall under the 5% tax slab, typically essential services like transportation, small restaurants, etc.

12% and 18% GST: Many services come under these two slabs, covering a wide range such as professional services, IT services, hotels, etc.

28% GST: A few specific services fall under the highest tax slab, such as luxury hotels, entertainment, and certain services.

Intra-State GST Calculation:

For transactions within the same state:
CGST (Central GST) = Half of the applicable GST rate
SGST (State GST) / UTGST (Union Territory GST) = Half of the applicable GST rate
In simple terms, adding CGST + SGST / UTGST equals the applicable GST rate for the transaction.

For transactions between different states:

IGST (Integrated GST) = The total applicable GST rate. This simplified explanation means that in Intra-State transactions, the applicable GST rate is divided into CGST and SGST / UTGST, while for Inter-State transactions, it's represented as a single IGST.

For the Inclusive GST calculation

when the price includes the GST, a reverse GST calculation is necessary. Here's a simple breakdown of the formula:

GST Inclusive Price: The price that already includes the GST.
GST Rate Percentage: The percentage of the GST.
GST Amount = (GST Inclusive Price * GST Rate) / (100 + GST Rate Percentage)
This calculates the actual amount of GST included in the total price.
Original Cost = GST Inclusive Price * 100 / (100 + GST Rate Percentage)
This determines the original cost of the product or service before the GST was added.
These formulas help to find the actual GST amount included in the total price and to deduce the original cost without the GST.

For the excluding GST calculation

Certainly, if you want to find the original cost excluding GST from a total price that includes GST, you can use the following formula:

Original Cost Excluding GST = Total Price / (1 + (GST Rate Percentage / 100))
This formula helps you determine the original cost of the product or service without the included GST.

GST Return

Businesses submit GST returns that outline their sales, purchases, and tax responsibility. They file these reports bi-monthly and yearly to follow tax rules and review their financial activities.

What is a GST calculator?

GST calculator is a simple tool that helps you to calculate your GST amount. Calculating the GST amount is simple but using the GST calculator you get the correct and error-free result. If you are calculating the inclusive GST the calculation is a little different because tax is included in the total amount. So this case GST tax calculator can help you easily.

How to use a GST calculator?

Fill in the principal amount first on the form. Then, choose the GST type—Exclusive or Inclusive. After that, select the GST percentage and click the calculate button for an instant and accurate result.

Note: For any GST-related information visit the official website.

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