Character Counter

Best free online Character Counter tool. Calculate the number of Characters, words, typing speed, sentences, unique words, Paragraphs, and more.

Parameters Outcome
Character Count: 0
Character Count (Without Spaces): 0
Word Count: 0
Typing Speed: 0 characters/min
Paragraphs: 0
Sentences: 0
Reading Time: 0 minutes
Unique Words: 0
Word Frequency Analysis:

    Character Counter is a popular tool on the internet. People use this tool for various purposes. If you're looking for a reliable online tool for this task, use Character Counter. Using this tool you can count different parameters for your writing like

    • Character Count
    • Character Count Without Spaces
    • Word Count
    • Typing Speed
    • number of Paragraphs
    • number of Sentences
    • Reading Time
    • Unique Words
    • Word Frequency Analysis, and more.
    Moreover, the tool provides the option to save your text in a text file format. It also allows you to directly import existing text or word files into the editor for seamless editing and analysis. So this is the all-in-one Character Counter on the Internet.

    What are the uses of the Character Counter?

    Counting the Characters is important for various work

    SEO Content: SEO is important for website content. Different search engines set character limits for titles, descriptions, and other content. For example, Google has specific rules regarding the number of words or letters permitted for these sections. So using the Character Counter tool you can easily count the characters and works.

    Social Media Posts: Many social media platforms have character limits for posts. Twitter, for example, has a character limit of 280 characters per tweet. So before posting, you can use this tool.

    Typing Speed Counting: When you type in the box it'll count the typing duration you are taking so it helps you to improve your typing speed typing speed is important in government exams and government jobs. So it's very important.

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    How to save the file?

    When you've finished your writing, simply click on the "Save Text" button. Your file will be saved in a .txt format. This allows you to store your text on both mobile devices and computers for future access.

    How to import the existing txt file?

    If you already have text in a .txt or .doc file, you can effortlessly import it into the editor. Just click on the "Import Text" button and select the file containing your content. The editor will extract all the text from the file, displaying it in the typing box for your convenience.